How to Play
BitMine is a minesweeper style bitcoin game. To start a round you place your bet (minimum 0.01 bit) with the number of mines you would like to have in 25 tiles. Then you click on tiles to reveal whether or not if there are bits or a bomb under it. Your goal would be to reveal as many tiles you can without clicking on a tile with a mine. Clicking on a tile with a mine would make you lose the bet placed and the stake of that current round
If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask!

Mines multiplier:

How to get your Access_Token:
1. Go to
2. Press connect on chat, then back on browser. There you have your access token.
3. [optional: Recommended] press forward on your browser to hide your token again

How to Tip Players:
1. Press the TIP button below your balance
2. Fill out the TIP form
3. Press "Send bits"
4. Press Ok

1. No abusing other players
2. Mild language only
3. No annoying other players (by begging or just irritating them in general)
4. No Spamming
5. English only
6. No ref links or advertising

Join our discord channel to have discussion about the site with other players!:
Contact: [email protected]